Thanks for dropping by my fitness site, my little corner of the interwebs where I can be enthusiastic about all things health and fitness.

Though I wandered into the exercise industry somewhat by accident, it has turned out to be a good fit after a few years in an office. I discovered then that it’s easier to be busy in a fit and resilient body.

My philosophy now is that my body needs to be able to keep up with my busy schedule, not the other way around. If you suspect your body isn’t working as well as it can, want to change shape, increase your strength and flexibility, develop new skills, eat for increased health and energy and be motivated along the way, this is a place for you.

I work as a group fitness instructorย and bootcamp instructor around west London, and am running a creative fitness start-up company called Imaginactive, which will soon be creating audio fitness adventures – like an audio book to exercise to, where each chapter is a workout. Please check out the website for more information, and our kickstarter page where we are raising funds for our first series, APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRAINING.

When not running about inflicting acts of exercise on people, I am usually found lurking in a cafe somewhere writing fantasy.


Audio Fitness Adventures


Creative site

Modelling gallery

Physical location
West London, UK


4 responses

14 09 2013

Hi. How did you do with the animal flow seminar? Are you now a coach? Is this something that you see taking of in the UK in the same way as say, Zumba classes?

All the best..

15 09 2013
Adele Kirby Fitness

Hi Andy! Equinox has not yet launched Animal Flow in their London club. At this stage, the concept in its current form is exclusive to Equinox so will not spread widely as there is only one club here at the moment. The use of primal movement in general is becoming increasingly popular around the world though. Zumba is a particularly successful phenomenon – I don’t think the two are comparable. I certainly hope it is embraced at the Kensington club though!

5 11 2014

Adele I love you! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Can’t wait for AST to be a real, finished piece of awesomeness!

7 11 2014
Adele Kirby Fitness

Thanks Marie!! I can’t wait either ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

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