Making a clean start: WHERE to start?

14 10 2012

So I’ve spent most of this afternoon out shooting with a good friend (pictures, people, nothing more), and he asked me a very simple question:

“How do I start eating clean?”

I LOVE this question, so much more than the many versions of ‘what do I eat to lose weight?’ because one is derived from a conscious desire to be healthy for life and the other is about using a bandaid to cover a wound. The life-long solution to problems like excess weight and chronic illness is also the short-term solution and it doesn’t come in packets, sachets, teas, shakes and calorie counting.

The question is simple, but the answer, as we all know: not so much. There’s a LOT of information out there on the interwebs about Eating Healthy and Eating Clean, and then there’s all that damn information about diets for weight loss, which doesn’t always equate to either of the previous concepts.

"Salad" by Till Nowak

There’s something wrong with this picture.

The Atkins has been usurped by the Dukan Diet, which both trick the body into dropping weight but neither represent the ideal of eating ‘healthy’ or ‘clean’. Paleo advocates go head-to-head with The China Study. Grains are the enemy of mankind in one diet, and essential in the next. Intermittent Fasting is being used as an excuse to eat whatever the hell you want on non-fasting days.

So where DOES a person who’s heard about ‘eating clean’ get started? And why should they be doing it?

My first reference point is a famous TED video from Dr Terry Wahls, who ate her way out of wheelchair-bound MS and back to health. It’s 17 minutes of your life which could change your life, so grab a cup of tea and hit the sofa:

I then usually send people to Mark’s Daily Apple, where you can subscribe to recieve 30 days of daily bites of info about how your body responds to foods, as well as accessing a tonne of interesting info (and, in the comments, debate).

I generally outline the principles of the Paleo Diet as well, because even though I don’t follow it 100% (and am currently the leanest, strongest and healthiest I have ever been) it reads pretty smart to me and it’s the basis of the diets of most of the leanest, strongest, healthiest people I know.

And now I have just found my New Favourite Website Ever, and that’s where I’m sending you next. Why do I love it so much? Because it has A WHOLE BLOG POST DEDICATED TO MAKING OPTIMUS PRIME PROUD OF YOUR HEALTH.

“Why throw away your health so recklessly?”

Is there ANY cooler way to talk about transforming your life? I DON’T THINK SO. Not only that, but every post is illustrated with lego Star Wars characters (or Optimus Prime, Mario Bros and every other icon of Nerd Cool):

I just snorted my tea. Twice.

Yes, Steve Kamb, I love you, and Nerd Fitness is my new Siri, my fitness Google, my entertainment and nerd-fix all at once.

It is also the home to probably THE most entertaining and accessible explanation for cleaning up your eating through the principles of the Paleo diet around. Once you’ve watched the video, go have a squizz over this. Steve’s reference links are pretty much the same as mine would have been but I don’t want you to miss his classic illustrations along the way.

Kapow! Go forth and be both educated and entertained and then considerably more awesome.




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17 10 2012
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