Personal Training

Not feeling quite right?
Suspect there is a better way of being?
Living in a body that is less friend than foe?
Focussed more on what you can’t do than what you can?
Restrained by what you are not, instead of finding out what you are?

You are stronger than you think

Physically, but also mentally and emotionally and these are linked.

I’m here to work with you to identify and achieve your fitness goals, whether that is to simply increase your general health or to target weight loss, toning, body sculpting, flexibility, improve your nutrition or shake off a fitness plateau.

I’m also here to help you look at correlations between your fitness, general health and lifestyle, and ways you can leverage one against the others for increased vitality. To overcome limiting self beliefs to help you feel and look the best you can.

You won’t be left in a broken heap on the ground at the end of every session. You won’t be crippled for days, as though that’s the only measure of a good workout.

You’ll definitely find new mucles, skills, strength, resilience and a determination you may not currently know you have.

And if you come out of every session having enjoyed it, with something tangible and intangible to take away and having impressed yourself with something you have achieved, that is the measure of a good workout.

Photo: No Place For Angels

– Level 3 certified Personal Trainer
FASTER Advanced Functional Trainer
– Undertaking the FASTER Diploma in Functional Performance

– Ravenscourt Park, West London
– trial online service (via video link up) coming soon

At your home or parks within 15 mins cycle from W12:

  • £40/hour 1-1
  • £35/hour x 10 sessions 1-1
  • £25/hour per person 1-2+
    (grab a friend, halve the cost, double the fun)

Studio hire (for weight lifting and specific equipment) can be arranged on request, generally for around an extra £10/session

07962 522 721


Photo: Long Exposure London

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